Which species are assessed

The committee assesses any Ontario species that may be experiencing declines, based on research by government staff or reports from other sources. It can also reassess any species already listed as at risk.

The committee must also put on their list for assessment any plant or animal native to Ontario that has been assessed by its national counterpart, the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada.

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How species are classified

The committee uses the best available scientific information, including community knowledge or Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge, to determine whether a plant or animal should be listed as at risk. The committee usually meets twice a year.

When a species is listed at risk, the classification applies throughout Ontario, unless otherwise noted. In some cases, different geographic populations of the same species face different threats, and are classified separately.

See the document outlining the categories and criteria for status assessment used by the Committee on the Status of Species at Risk in Ontario (COSSARO).

Categories of at risk status

The committee classifies the species into categories based on the degree of risk they face.

Species at risk are classified in 1 of 4 categories:


Lives somewhere in the world, and at one time lived in the wild in Ontario, but no longer lives in the wild in Ontario.


Lives in the wild in Ontario but is facing imminent extinction or extirpation.


Lives in the wild in Ontario, is not endangered, but is likely to become endangered if steps are not taken to address factors threatening it.

Special concern

Lives in the wild in Ontario, is not endangered or threatened, but may become threatened or endangered due to a combination of biological characteristics and identified threats.

A species may also be classified by the committee as Not at Risk, if it does not meet the criteria for any of the above categories or, as Data Deficient if there is not enough information to make a decision as to its status.

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What happens after a species is assessed

COSSARO submits a report on its work (including the classification of each species assessed) to the Minister between January 1 and 31 of each year. In addition to annual reporting, the committee may submit a report classifying a species to the Minister at any time. The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks must amend the Species at Risk in Ontario (SARO) list regulation (O. Reg 230/08) within twelve months following the Minister’s receipt of a report from COSSARO. Once the regulation has been changed, the species is protected based on its classification. Please visit the Ontario government website for further information about how species at risk are protected.

Species assessment reports

Species assessments reports are detailed technical documents that contain information such as the population size, and threats. Please note that species assessed prior to December 2013 were classified according to COSSARO’s previous criteria. For further information please contact us at COSSAROSecretariat@ontario.ca.

This searchable table includes the species assessed by COSSARO from 2013 – 2017, including current status, a link to COSSARO’s assessment report, and a link to the Ontario government species page (if applicable).

Common NameScientific NameAssessment YearStatusAssessment Report
ColicrootAletris farinosa2016ENDRead the report
Unisexual Ambystoma (Blue-spotted Salamander dependent population)Ambystoma (2) laterale – jeffersonianum2016NARRead the report
Unisexual Ambystoma (Jefferson Salamander dependent population)Ambystoma laterale – (2) jeffersonianum2016ENDRead the report
Unisexual Ambystoma (Small-mouthed Salamander dependent population)Ambystoma laterale – texanum2016ENDRead the report
Spiny SoftshellApalone spinifera2016ENDRead the report
Nine-spotted Lady BeetleCoccinella novemnotata2016ENDRead the report
Eastern Persius DuskywingErynnis persius persius2016EXPRead the report
Pygmy Pocket MossFissidens exilis2016DDRead the report
Spotted GarLepisosteus oculatus2016ENDRead the report
Northern Sunfish (Saskatchewan – Nelson River populations)Lepomis peltastes2016NARRead the report
Northern Sunfish (Great Lakes – upper St. Lawrence populations)Lepomis peltastes2016SCRead the report
River RedhorseMoxostoma carinatum2016SCRead the report
Lake Erie WatersnakeNerodia sipedon insularum2016SCRead the report
Louisiana WaterthrushParkesia motacilla2016THRRead the report
River Darter (Great Lakes – upper St. Lawrence populations)Percina schumardi2016ENDRead the report
River Darter (Southern Hudson Bay – James Bay populations)Percina schumardi2016NARRead the report
River Darter (Saskatchewan – Nelson River populations)Percina schumardi2016NARRead the report
Hoptree BorerPrays atomocella2016ENDRead the report
Common HoptreePtelea trifoliata2016SCRead the report
Porter's Twisted MossTortula porter2016NARRead the report
Lake Huron GrasshopperTrimerotropis huroniana2016THRRead the report
Gray FoxUrocyon cinereoargenteus2016THRRead the report
RainbowVillosa iris2016SCRead the report
Proud GlobeletPatera pennsylvanica2016ENDRead the report
Broad-banded ForestsnailAllogona profunda2015ENDRead the report
Black-foam LichenAnzia colpodes2015DDRead the report
Yellow-banded Bumble BeeBombus terricola2015SCRead the report
Algonquin WolfCanis sp.2015THRRead the report
Spotted TurtleClemmys guttata2015ENDRead the report
Small White Lady’s SlipperCypripedium candidum2015ENDRead the report
Grass PickerelEsox americanus vermiculatus2015SCRead the report
Blue AshFraxinus quadrangulata2015THRRead the report
Eastern MilksnakeLampropeltis triangulum2015NARRead the report
WarmouthLepomis gulosus2015ENDRead the report
Spotted SuckerMinytrema melanops2015SCRead the report
Red MulberryMorus rubra2015ENDRead the report
Black RedhorseMoxostoma duquesnei2015THRRead the report
Tri-coloured BatPerimyotis subflavus2015ENDRead the report
Red-necked PhalaropePhalaropus lobatus2015SCRead the report
Caribou (Boreal population) Rangifer tarandus2015THRRead the report
Lowland ToothcupRotala ramosior2015ENDRead the report
Eastern Box TurtleTerrapene carolina2015EXPRead the report
Small-mouthed SalamanderAmbystoma texanum2014ENDRead the report
Grasshopper SparrowAmmodramus savannarum2014SCRead the report
Gypsy Cuckoo Bumble BeeBombus bohemicus2014ENDRead the report
Piping PloverCharadrius melodus2014ENDRead the report
Cutlip MinnowExoglossum maxillingua2014THRRead the report
WolverineGulo gulo2014THRRead the report
Loggerhead ShrikeLanius ludovicianus2014ENDRead the report
Flooded JellyskinLeptogium rivulare2014NARRead the report
Round PigtoePleurobema sintoxia2014ENDRead the report
American Badger (Southwestern population)Taxidea taxus jacksoni2014ENDRead the report
American Badger (Northwestern population)Taxidea taxus taxus2014ENDRead the report
Eastern Tiger SalamanderAmbystoma tigrinum2013EXTRead the report
American EelAnguilla rostrata2013ENDRead the report
Northern BobwhiteColinus virginianus2013ENDRead the report
Eastern Wood-peweeContopus virens2013SCRead the report
Mottled DuskywingErynnis martialis2013ENDRead the report
Northern Map TurtleGraptemys geographica2013SCRead the report
Wood ThrushHylocichla mustelina2013SCRead the report
Slender Bush-cloverLespedeza virginica2013ENDRead the report
Eastern Small-footed MyotisMyotis leibii2013ENDRead the report
Pugnose ShinerNotropis anogenus2013THRRead the report
Bridle ShinerNotropis bifrenatus2013SCRead the report
Threehorn WartybackObliquaria reflexa2013THRRead the report
Round HickorynutObovaria subrotunda2013ENDRead the report
KidneyshellPtychobranchus fasciolaris2013ENDRead the report
Bank SwallowRiparia riparia2013THRRead the report
Massasauga (Great Lakes St. Lawrence population)Sistrurus catenatus2013THRRead the report
Massasauga (Carolinian population)Sistrurus catenatus2013ENDRead the report
Eastern Musk TurtleSternotherus odoratus2013SCRead the report
Riverine ClubtailStylurus amnicola2013ENDRead the report
Crooked-stem AsterSymphyotrichum prenanthoides2013SCRead the report
Eastern RibbonsnakeThamnophis sauritus2013SCRead the report
LilliputToxolasma parvum2013THRRead the report
American Hart's Tongue FernAsplenium scolopendrium var. americanum 2017SCRead the report
Channel DarterPercina copelandi
Read the report
Evening GrosbeakCoccothraustes vespertinus
2017SCRead the report
Quadrula quadrula
2017SCRead the report
Prothonotary WarblerProtonotaria citrea
2017ENDRead the report
Pygmy Whitefish (Great Lakes- Upper St. Lawrence populations)Prosopium coulterii
2017NARRead the report
Pygmy Whitefish (Saskatchewan-Nelson Rivers populations)
Prosopium coulterii 2017DDRead the report
Transverse Lady BeetleCoccinella transversoguttata
2017ENDRead the report
Western Painted TurtleChrysemys picta bellii
2017NARRead the report
Blanding's TurtleEmydoidea blandingii
2017THRRead the report
ButternutJuglans cinerea
2017ENDRead the report
Eastern Banded TigersnailAnguispira kochi kochi
2017ENDRead the report
Golden-eye Lichen (Great Lakes population)Teloschistes chrysophthalmus
2017ENDRead the report
Harris's SparrowZonotrichia querula
2017DDRead the report
Lake Sturgeon (Saskatchewan-Nelson River populations)
Acipenser fulvescens
2017THRRead the report
Lake Sturgeon (Southern Hudson Bay-James Bay populations)Acipenser fulvescens
2017SCRead the report
Lake Sturgeon (Great Lakes-Upper St. Lawrence populations)
Acipenser fulvescens
2017ENDRead the report
Caribou (Eastern Migratory population)
Rangifer tarandus 2017SCRead the report
Rusty BlackbirdEuphagus carolinus 2017SCRead the report
Shortnose CiscoCoregonus reighardi
2017ENDRead the report
Spotted WintergreenChimaphila maculata
2017THRRead the report
Eastern PondmusselLigumia nasuta
2017SCRead the report
Deepwater Sculpin (Great Lakes - Upper St. Lawrence populations)Myoxocephalus thompsonii
2017NARRead the report
Deepwater Sculpin (Southern Hudson Bay - James Bay populations)Myoxocephalus thompsonii
2017DDRead the report
Deepwater Sculpin (Saskatchewan -Nelson River populations)Myoxocephalus thompsonii
2017NARRead the report
American Burying Beetle Nicrophorus americanus 2011EXPRead the report
Cerulean WarblerSetophaga cerulea 2011THRRead the report
Incurved Grizzled MossPtychomitrium incurvum 2012EXPRead the report
Pink MilkwortPolygala incarnata2009ENDRead the report
Pale-bellied Frost LichenPhysconia subpallida2009ENDRead the report
BlueheartsBuchnera americana2011ENDRead the report
Northern MadtomNoturus stigmosus2012ENDRead the report
SnuffboxEpioblasma triquetra2011ENDRead the report
Silver Lamprey - Northwestern Ontario PopulationIchthyomyzon unicuspis2011DDRead the report
Silver Lamprey - Great Lakes - Upper St. Lawrence River PopulationIchthyomyzon unicuspis2011SCRead the report
Pugnose MinnowOpsopoeodus emiliae2012THRRead the report
Northern Barrens Tiger BeetleCicindela patruela2009ENDRead the report
Blackstripe TopminnowFundulus notatus2012SCRead the report
Yellow-breasted ChatIcteria virens2011ENDRead the report
Blue RacerColuber constrictor foxii2012ENDRead the report
Northern Dusky SalamanderDesmognathus fuscus2012ENDRead the report
Eastern Sand DarterAmmocrypta pellucida2009ENDRead the report
Butler's GartersnakeThamnophis butleri2011ENDRead the report
Hoary Mountain-mintPycnanthemum incanum2011ENDRead the report
Heart-leaved PlaintainPlantago cordata2011ENDRead the report
Peregrine FalconFalco peregrinus2011SCRead the report
Large Whorled PogoniaIsotria verticillata2011ENDRead the report
Silver ChubMacrhybopsis storeriana2012THRRead the report
Little Brown MyotisMyotis lucifugus2012ENDRead the report
Chimney SwiftChaetura pelagica2020THRRead the report
Midland Painted TurtleChrysemys picta2020NARRead the report
Carolina MantleslugPhilomycus carolinianus2020THRRead the report
Common NighthawkChordeiles minor2020SCRead the report
Downy Yellow False FoxgloveAureolaria virginica2020ENDRead the report
Black AshFraxinus nigra2020ENDRead the report
GoldensealHydrastis canadensis2020SCRead the report
Hairy ValerianValeriana edulis ssp. ciliata2020THRRead the report
False-foxglove Sun MothPyrrhia aurantiago2020ENDRead the report
Fern-leaved Yellow False FoxgloveAureolaria pedicularia2020THRRead the report
Olive-sided FlycatcherContopus cooperi2020SCRead the report
White-rimmed Shingle LichenFuscopannaria leucosticta)2020ENDRead the report
Red-headed WoodpeckerMelanerpes erythrocephalus2020ENDRead the report
Smooth Yellow False FoxgloveAureolaria flava)2020THRRead the report
Spoon-leaved MossBryoandersonia illecebra2020THRRead the report
Red-tailed LeafhopperAflexia rubranura)2020SCRead the report
MonarchDanaus plexippus2020SCRead the report
ShagreenInflectarius inflectus)2020ENDRead the report
Toothed GlobeMesodon zaletus)2020ENDRead the report
Frosted ElfinCallophrys irus2020EXPRead the report
Gillman's GoldenrodSolidago gillmanii)2020ENDRead the report
Golden-eye Lichen (Boreal DU)Teloschistes chrysophthalmus)2020NARRead the report
Gravel ChubErimystax x-punctata2020EXPRead the report
Gray Ratsnake (Carolinian)Pantherophis spiloides2020ENDRead the report
Gray Ratsnake (Frontenac)Pantherophis spiloides2020THRRead the report
Hudsonian GodwitLimosa haemastica)2020THRRead the report
Karner BlueLycaeides Melissa Samuelis2020EXPRead the report
Lake Whitefish
Coregonus clupeaformis2020THRRead the report
PaddlefishPolyodon spathula2020EXPRead the report
Peregrine FalconFalco peregrinus2020SCRead the report
Redside DaceClinostomus elongatus2020ENDRead the report
Wood TurtleGlyptemys insculpta2020ENDRead the report
Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamander>Desmognathus ochrophaeus2021ENDRead the report
Spring Salamander>Gyrinophilus porphyriticus2021Data DeficientRead the report
Barn Swallow>Hirundo rustica2021SCRead the report
Canada Warbler>Cardellina canadensis2021SCRead the report
Lesser Yellowlegs>Tringa flavipes2021THRRead the report
Red Knot>Calidris canutus rufa2021ENDRead the report
Red Knot>Calidris canutus rufa2021SCRead the report
Red Knot>Calidris canutus rufa2021ENDRead the report
Short-eared OwlHibou des marais2021THRRead the report
Lake ChubsuckerErimyzon sucetta2021ENDRead the report
Northern Brook LampreyIchthyomyzon fossor2021SCRead the report
Silvery LampreyIchthyomyzon unicuspis2021SCRead the report
American Bumble BeeBombus pensylvanicus2021SCRead the report
Aweme Borer MothPapaipema aweme2021Data DeficientRead the report
Davis's ShieldbackAtlanticus davisi2021THRRead the report
Pygmy SnaketailOphiogomphus howei2021ENDRead the report
Rapids ClubtailGomphus quadricolor2021THRRead the report
Reversed Haploa MothHaploa reversa2021THRRead the report
Suckley's Cuckoo Bumble BeeBombus suckleyi2021ENDRead the report
BelugaDelphinapterus leucas2021Not at RiskRead the report
BelugaDelphinapterus leucasi2021Not at RiskRead the report
Polar BearUrsus maritimus2021THRRead the report
Ringed SealPusa hispida2021Not EligibleRead the report
Purple WartybackCyclonaias tuberculata2021THRRead the report
Striped WhitelipWebbhelix multilineata2021ENDRead the report
DeerberryVaccinium stamineum2021THRRead the report
Kentucky Coffee-treeGymnocladus dioicus2021THRRead the report
Lakeside DaisyTetraneuris herbacea2021SCRead the report
American Water-willowJusticia americana2021THRRead the report
Western Silvery AsterSymphyotrichum sericeum2021THRRead the report
Eastern Hog-nosed SnakeHeterodon platirhinos2021THRRead the report
Common Five-lined SkinkPlestiodon fasciatus2021ENDRead the report
Common Five-lined SkinkPlestiodon fasciatus2021SCRead the report
– Endangered  
– Threatened
– Extirpated 
– Special Concern 
– Not at Risk 
– Data Deficient 
– Extinct  

Report a species sighting

If you observed a species and would like to report it, please visit the how to report a rare species sighting page on Ontario.ca.